The need for excess protection

From just £3.99 per day with you can be covered against excess charges. At the moment car rental suppliers can charge you up to £1,000 excess any time you claim for damage done to your rented car.

Can you explain excess protection?

Car rental companies provide drivers with cover for all types of car rental. Car hire insurance covers you in the event that your hire car is stolen or becomes considerably damaged. When you begin to prepare your claim, the company you hired the vehicle from will give you an invoice for an excess charge which needs to be paid. You will find that the amount of this charge varies in value but is sometimes an alarming £1,000!

However, if you purchase excess protection when you sort out your regular insurance, you will be guaranteed full protection against all excess charges. Excess waiver protection costs from just £3.99 each day and is judged according to your rental location in the country and the capacity of your vehicle.

With the car hire excess protection provided by Questor Insurance Services Limited, you become protected against all excess payments on any claims made for theft and damage of all hire cars you need to use.

Car hire insurance provided by Questor Insurance Services Limited. Questor Insurance Services Limited